Hopewell Properties

A property portfolio site built for quick and easy management.

Creating An Online Property Portfolio

We were approached by Hopewell properties, a Bristol based estate agent, to create a custom built portfolio website to help them expand their reach into the local property market. The key requirements for the website were that it was quick and easy to manage adding properties to the site, due to the quick turnaround in the rental market.

Mobile & Tablet Friendly Design

We designed and built the website to respond to device size, to ensure the user gets the easiest to use version for their device.

Understanding User Needs

When viewing the properties, the key challenge was to make sure potential tenants get all the information about the property in an easy to understand way. To support the property gallery, the key facts and figures are displayed using a custom set of icons.

We also made finding the property as easy as possible by integrating the website with Google Maps, displaying a full width map on the page, as well as having a direct link to the Google Maps location. This is especially useful if visiting a property, allowing the user to get directions direct to their phone.

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